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Citizens apply to keep Confederate historic site open

A group met to discuss the parks future (Source:WALB) A group met to discuss the parks future (Source:WALB)
The site remembers Jefferson Davis (Source:WALB) The site remembers Jefferson Davis (Source:WALB)
Jannis Paulk, organizer (Source:WALB) Jannis Paulk, organizer (Source:WALB)
Tyler Harper, State Senator (Source:WALB) Tyler Harper, State Senator (Source:WALB)

People in Irwin County are working to save an historic park dedicated to Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Supporters Thursday learned how becoming a member of the statewide 'Friends of Parks' organization could preserve that history. 

Budget cuts could endanger the historic site, more than 150 years after the end of the Civil War.  Now, a group of area residents have submitted an application to preserve the Jefferson Davis Memorial Historic Site.

"There are a lot of very passionate people who support it," Organizer Jannis Paulk said. "So, every meeting that we've had has actually has had great attendance." 

Organizers said between 30 to 50 people from around the area have shown up at each meeting. State Senator Tyler Harper was among them Thursday.

"This is my home county," Harper said. "Irwin County is where I was born and raised. I've known about Jeff Davis Park ever since I was a little boy." 

The group is learning about becoming a "Friends of Parks" member. 

That status would require them to manage the park and report to the group, but would also give them more opportunities for funding and access to volunteers.

"It's always a great thing to see individuals come together," Harper said. "Whether it be on the local level or the state level, as a group to help support the efforts that we have."

Those efforts, for many, are a way to preserve history. The capture site of Confederate President Jefferson Davis is a place those at the meeting want to see looked after.  

"History should always be preserved," Paulk said. "Just in a nut shell, it's a historic site. Its something we should preserve for generations to come." 

Organizers said the "Friends of Parks" board will make a decision about their membership in two weeks.  

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