Valdosta State debuts new major in Emergent Media

Valdosta State debuts new major in Emergent Media

Valdosta State University is launching a new program for fall 2017: the Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Emergent Media and Communication.

The fully-online degree focuses on emergent media technologies, communication theories and processes, and mass media trends.

It's a program that offers non-traditional and distance learners the opportunity to obtain an education in emergent media, replete with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the media and communication industries.

Ready to dive in?

The Emergent Media and Communication (EMAC) major is designed to prepare students to be practitioners, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the digital, interactive, and evolving world of communication through carefully selected courses that balance theory and practice, creative design, and critical thinking in an interdisciplinary learning environment.

The EMAC program at VSU offers the opportunity to develop skills that employers are actively seeking and unable to find. The degree will provide students with significant hands-on experience in understanding and utilizing emergent media, and designing, writing, and deploying strategic media.

The program includes multiple important professional experiences through a series of studio design courses. These experiences are made to fast track a student's entry into the job market.

What you'll learn

As a major in the EMAC program you will:

  • combine critical thinking with creative production to become engaged digital citizens.
  • learn teamwork, problem-solving, planning and organization.
  • develop skills in web design, digital aesthetics, writing and research, and social media.
  • develop superior team, leadership, project, and meeting management skills.
  • work with deadlines.
  • learn to identify trends and utilize emerging media in designing communication messages to target audiences.

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