Grady Co. officials crack down on illegal dumping

Grady Co. officials crack down on illegal dumping

GRADY CO., GA (WALB) - Grady County deputies are cracking down on illegal dumping.

If you have big items that you need to get rid of such as a couch or a mattress, you need to be careful where you dump it, because you could face fines up to $700 dollars.

"That's exactly right, it's an ugly site," said Sheriff Harry Young.

Young he's had enough of the illegal dumping going on in Grady County.

Encouraging his deputies to now hand out tickets instead of warnings.

"If people would just use the trash dumps the way they are supposed to, we wouldn't have a problem." said Young.

Old mattresses, TVs, Kitchen Appliances, and Tires, you name it, it's probably been dumped at a trash collection site.

"People know it, they've been warned and we are going to do something about it," said Young.

Dumping unauthorized material can result in a $500.00 fine with a 25 percent surcharge added to it.

It isn't just illegal dumping that's a problem, Sheriff Young said people are also dumpster diving."They have to bring their kids, sticking them in the dumpster. That's dangerous for them. There is rats in those things,"

Allowing your child to take items out of the dumpster could result in a $150.00 fine.

The bottom line is officials want to make the county look nicer, with less trash piled up for visitors to see.

"We need to make sure we get some of this stuff stopped. It makes our county look bad, trashy looking. If someone wants to move into our county, they want to come into a clean county," said Young.

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