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Markers to make Kinchafoonee Creek safer

Markers will make the water safer (Source:WALB) Markers will make the water safer (Source:WALB)
The project should be finished this weekend (Source:WALB) The project should be finished this weekend (Source:WALB)
Nathan Talley, Life Scout (Source:WALB) Nathan Talley, Life Scout (Source:WALB)

A South Georgia Life Scout is working to keep people safe, while enjoying themselves this summer, by posting signs along the Kinchafoonee Creek.

Nathan Talley heard a story about a family stranded on the creek and wanted to do something to help out.

“There was a freak storm that just kind of popped up out of nowhere," Talley said. "There was a lady and her two kids on the creek and they got stranded and didn’t know where they were.”

That’s what Talley is trying to prevent on the Kinchafoonee Creek. The Lee County Life Scout is putting up mile markers for his Eagle Project.

“The K for Kinchafoonee, the number one for mile one,” Talley said, describing the markers. 

Talley said about ten signs will dot the waterway throughout Lee County. He’s putting them up this weekend, after coordinating with Code Enforcement and other scouts.

It’s a project that Talley said could make a big difference, when the weather turns rough or boaters get disoriented.

“This really will save lives in the future," Talley said. "I believe, if its around in the future, especially as summer approaches, the more kayakers we’ll see and the more possibility of people getting stranded.”

A possibility that, thanks to the work of a Life Scout in Lee County, first responders will be a little more prepared to face.

 Each sign posted on the creek also has information on how to reach emergency personnel.

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