Trail 37 brings Agritourism to Adel farms


ADEL, GA (WALB) - If you're headed here this weekend.

It's a good time to check out a big attraction in Adel, Trail 37 and Trail 41.

Georgia Grown Trail 37 features different stops like wineries, farms, and shops.

"A way to get on this Georgia grown trail and get a piece of agriculture all the way across," said Brent Bloser, Evergreen Produce, Owner.

From Homerville, all the way to Fort Gaines, Georgia Grown Trail 37 unites farmers and agriculture all with a common goal to promote Agritourism in South Georgia.

But one thing makes Adel special, it's the only stop on Trail 37 that intersects with another agriculture trail, trail 41.

"You get to see where the food really comes from and what it takes to grow it and produce it," said Brent.

"The highway has gotten busier and busier so we're trying to pull people off of the highway," said Ray Bloser, Evergreen Produce, Owner.

Evergreen Produce in Adel is hoping to add their business by offering more family friendly options where people can come hand pick their foods.

The company already delivers produce in bulk nationwide.

"I had a child this week with his mother and grandmother who had never dug potatoes before so I told him you're going to be a farmer today. I gave him a spoon, that was his shovel he dug his potatoes for this first time. He wanted to stay and dig some more," said Ray.

Adel also has a winery on trail 37.

Horse Creek Winery was started in 2008 and is home to more than 40 acres of vineyards.

The Owner Ed Perry said he's happy to see the success of wine in South Georgia.

"It's a concept that was started with no basis because in the 50's there was really no wine to talk of in Georgia," said Perry.

Perry said being apart of this trail has brought a lot of customers into the winery.

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