Two arrested after filing fraudulent tax returns

Two arrested after filing fraudulent tax returns
(Source: Dougherty Co. Sheriff)
(Source: Dougherty Co. Sheriff)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Investigators from the Georgia Department of Revenue and District Attorney's Office have arrested two people at H&P Financial Services on Broad Avenue for filing fraudulent tax returns.

The irony is H&P is right next door to the Department of Revenue.

As Albany Police walked Tangela Hill out of the Georgia Department of Revnue's office Thursday in handcuffs, she denied claims of filing fraudulent tax returns, saying she is innocent.

"We had two people that did some damage to our company and justice will be served," said Hill.

Investigators said they've been looking into her and her business partner, Wayne Phillips' company for years.

Phillips didn't comment on the accusations.

The Department of Revenue and District attorney's office carried out search warrants on Thursday for the business and the homes of the Hill and Phillips.

"We've been collecting returns for taxpayers for the last couple of years and we partnered with the District Attorneys office this year to hold them criminally responsible," explained Georgia Department of Revenue's Chief Special Investigator Josh Waites.

Both are facing charges of two counts of computer forgery and two counts of false statements.

"In addition to sending in an undercover this year we've seen fraudulent W-2s, inflated withholding and schedule A and C fraud as well," said Waites.

Investigators said it's likely customers knew what was going on. Some could be held accountable.

"We blocked their returns last year and explained to them what was going on and yet they chose to go back again this year and we saw even more fraud on peoples returns this year," said Waites.

For one customer who was trying to pick up his check Thursday, the news came as a shock.

"That's really crazy I had no idea," said Jeffrey Alexander.

Investigators estimate H&B Financial attempted to take $180,000 from the state this year alone.

"They average between $300 and $400 per return plus almost $500 returns this year," explained Waites. "The money adds up quick."

If you are an employee or customer, contact the Department of Revenue at

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