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Expect mile markers along the Kinchafoonee this summer

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A growing interest in water sports on Lee County's creeks has also increased concern about people's safety on the water.

This summer, expect to see mile markers in the trees along the banks of the Kinchafoonee Creek.

Known as the "Mile Marker Project", a Lee County Boy Scout troop will work with Code Enforcement to mark 20 miles, from the Lee-Dougherty line up to the Pinewood Road bridge.

When people kayaking or canoeing get in trouble, first responders will know where to find them.

"They can at least call 9-1-1 and tell them what mile marker they are closest to, and 9-1-1 dispatch will have the mapping system where they can report to the EMS, the Sheriff's office, that they are around this specific area and get help to where they are," said Ben Roberts with Lee County Code Enforcement.

The Boy Scout troop will mark the first 5 miles this weekend, hanging a mile marker in a tree at every one mile of water. 

Before you hit the water, here are a couple safety tips from law enforcement.

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and waterproofed.

DNR rules require everyone have a life jacket on board, and children 13 and younger have to have it on at all times.

Be aware of your surroundings, and especially look out for snakes, wasp nests, and broken bottles.

Figure out an accurate travel time and share this information with a friend or family member. If you get stranded on the water, and aren't home by a certain time, that person can alert the authorities.

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