Editorial: Leadership Albany

Editorial: Leadership Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Last week we learned that "Leadership Albany" and the Albany Chamber of Commerce's Leadership program, would be merging the two programs.

Leadership Albany started in 1984 with the goal of identifying and developing future leaders in our community.

With more than 800 alumni to the Leadership Albany program, one would ask 'where are all these leaders now?'

We feel too many participated in the program to impress their boss, or to help with a personal promotion.

Then in 2015, the Chamber's Leadership institute started, at the urging of local businesses, when leaders saw the need for new skill sets in the workforce.

Now that these two programs are joining forces, we hope the program can get back to the basics.

Building leaders in our community should be about providing the personal development tools needed to lead a company, a non profit, or a volunteer organization.

It was hoped that some would even run for elected office.

We want leaders that want more for our community, and not just for themselves.

We have always wished for leadership development to have a higher priority at the Chamber and glad to see this change.

We truly hope the next round of leaders through this new joint effort will want to step up and serve Albany.

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