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Family, friends and the president honor fallen officers at memorial service

The families of Smith and Smarr visited the capitol (Source:WALB) The families of Smith and Smarr visited the capitol (Source:WALB)
The president spoke at the event (Source:WALB) The president spoke at the event (Source:WALB)
Johnny Smith, father (Source:WALB) Johnny Smith, father (Source:WALB)
Janice Smarr, mother (Source:WALB) Janice Smarr, mother (Source:WALB)

President Donald Trump met face-to-face with family members of officers killed in the line of duty over the past year. 

A memorial service was held on Monday in front of the Capitol Building where fallen officers and their families were recognized.

It's a solemn walk, but one that's done with pride and love.

"It's really been something different, but we miss Nick very much," said Janice Smarr, mother of fallen Officer Nick Smarr. "I wouldn't mind coming back every year."

The families of Americus Police Officer Nick Smarr and GSW officer Jody Smith made their way to their seats at the 36th Annual National Police Officers Memorial Service.

The two young men they loved so much, are getting recognized nationally by the country's commander-in-chief.

"Every child in America who has lost a mom or dad in the line of duty, I want you to know, your parents are American heroes," said President Trump.

Trump's message was one of gratitude and support, but also policy. 

The president discussed how his 'law and order' approach to policing would benefit officers, and met with families in the crowd, even throwing his hat to a boy who'd lost a parent.

And that deep hurt of loss is something those close to Nick and Jody know too well. 

But, Monday, they joined families from across county to salute the fallen, people many knew as law enforcement officers, but they remember as their sons, brothers and uncles.

Names they chose to give their sons, never wishing they'd hear them uttered at a memorial service.

"People say that we signed up for this, but they didn't sign up for this," explained Jody's dad, Johnny Smith. "They signed up to make a difference to make things better, not to be killed or hated because both of these boys, Nick and Jody, they love people."

A trait that family members said defines the two in uniform and out, a special quality they miss so much. 

The families of officers Smith and Smarr will stay in Washington for several more days, participating in support activities. 

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