Thomas Co boosters make decision on sponsorship board

Thomas Co boosters make decision on sponsorship board

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - The Thomas County booster signboard has become a popular topic of conversation around town.

Booster Club leaders and local supports have been working together to figure out a plan on how to update the board.

"Everybody sees it and we wanted everyone to have some input. Just to hear from them and find out whats important to them," said Kyle Shaver, Booster Club President.

Soon you may notice some construction going on.
That's because crews are working to update the board making it more appealing to look at and a lot more organized.

"It will be bittersweet, but knowing that its going to, the look and feel will still be the same its just going to be a fresh look," said Shaver.

The new board will be located in the same spot.

It will have 350 even spots, and holes will be filled with yellow jacket signage.

It will also be more uniform, with logos for businesses and standard font and size for family sponsors.

"There is some tradition in that spot, and its a really nice spot for people to welcome into Thomas County and showing the support that our community gives to our student athletes," said Shaver.

The board has been around since the 80's.
Not much has been done to renovate it since then.
Shaver said he's happy that many folks in the community stepped up to play a part in redesigning this important piece of yellow jacket history.

"Having that board look the right way and look fresh and look clean, and really show how much support they are giving to the student athletes you cant spend enough money to make sure that looks right," said Shaver.

The stadium is set to undergo renovations in spring and through the summer. The goal is to finish it by the time football season starts.

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