Health Dept. announces TB test results at MHS

Health Dept. announces TB test results at MHS

MILLER CO., GA (WALB) - Several Miller County students and teachers have been sent to doctors for further evaluation, after the second round of tuberculosis tests are released.

This comes after someone was found with TB at the high school in April.

A dozen people were found with abnormal results.

This was the second round of tests the health department did at the high school.

Abnormal results could mean many different things.

Some could have false positives, others could be infected with the TB germ, but not have the disease.

Having the germ and having the disease are two very different things.

If you have only the germ, you will not have symptoms and will not be contagious.

If you have the disease itself, you are contagious.

Health officials said both are treatable.

The Miller County Health Department has been working to educate the community about TB.

As far as the person who was found with the disease.

The health departments said that person no longer needs to be isolated, but they are still monitoring the patient.

For more information about TB you can click here or go to the Miller County High School Website.

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