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City of Thomasville holds open house sessions to develop comprehensive plan

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(Source:WALB) (Source:WALB)
(Source:WALB) (Source:WALB)

The city of Thomasville is hosting one of many open house events tonight focusing on a 10 year comprehensive plan.

This is required by the state of Georgia for every city.

Thomasville leaders said this year they are trying something a little different, letting the community play a huge role in developing the plan.

Everything from parks, to signage, transportation, and neighborhoods are looked at.

"Thomasville is making an effort to say hey look the community is for the residents so why not get their input on what community they would like to have. That's very unheard of and we are proud of the City of Thomasville for doing that," said Stephan Thompson, Resident.

The city is focusing the plan on four neighborhoods that haven't been looked at in years past. 

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