Thomasville Police urging residents to 'See Something, Say Something'

Thomasville Police urging residents to 'See Something, Say Something'

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville Police said they are seeing a big rise in property crime lately.

"This amount of crime is happening consistently; it's a huge problem," said Capt. Maurice Holmes, TPD.

Officers said just this year they have responded to 85 burglaries and more than 70 car break ins.

"You're not dealing with kids going through a rough time, these kids are repeat offenders and they are affecting other kids," said Holmes.

Students in Thomasville will be soon be out for summer break.

Police officers fear that could mean an uptick in crime.

Just this week, three teenagers ended up behind bars after a weekend theft spree, totaling thousands of dollars in stolen items.

"They begin to get confident in their ability to go out and commit these crimes and they have this mentality that, hey i wont ever get caught." said Holmes.

The department currently has 12 open cases in which guns were stolen, not one has yet to be recovered.

"This stuff is getting moved on the street, and move pretty quickly. Just cause a gun is stolen here doesn't mean it won't show up in Albany or Atlanta," said Holmes.

Investigators said the common message they are hoping to get out to the community, is if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.

"Our response to a burglary in progress or entering auto is pretty much emergency mode; we are getting there immediately," said Holmes.

Officers said the problem is they aren't receiving calls immediately.

They have had witnesses come forward saying they saw the crime happening but were unsure of whether to call the police.

"If they would have just followed the instinct and given us a 911 call. We more than likely would have got these guys and maybe recovered the property right then," said Holmes.

The Police Department encourages the community to be the eyes and ears for when they are not nearby. Be diligent, if you see something, say something immediately. Officers say any delay can hinder their ability to recover the stolen property or make an immediate arrest.

There are several ways of reporting a crime, of course dialing 911, but the police department also has a text tip option. And you can always remain anonymous.

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