"Light headed" school bus driver run offs road

"Light headed" school bus driver run offs road

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - None of the 62 people on board a Terrell Academy school bus were injured Wednesday afternoon, when it ran off the road in Lee County.

Georgia State Patrol Troopers say about 3:50 the 60 year old bus driver became light headed and faint while driving the 2018 blue bird school bus on Highway 82 just north of Albany.

Johnnie Lane said he did not lose consciousness, as the bus went off the road,and hit two road signs.

61 students were on board, along with the driver.  No one was hurt.
They were headed to a drop off point on Ledo Road.

Lane was transported  to the hospital for a checkup, while the parents were called to pick up their children.

Troopers say Lane has been driving the school bus for Terrell Academy for ten years.

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