Valdosta City School board members vote on increasing salaries

Valdosta City School board members vote on increasing salaries

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Tuesday night, Valdosta Board of Education members are making decisions that could affect paychecks for all employees.

The board members will be voting on pay raises.

Potentially, every employee that works for the school system could be getting a pay raise.

According to the superintendent, the board will have 4 separate votes on pay raises.

Governor Deal approved a 2% increase for all certified employees, but Board of Education members are voting to expand that pay raise.

The first vote will be to increase ALL school system employees salaries by 2%.

The second vote will be to increase the pay for paraprofessionals by 2%.

The third vote will vote to increase post season compensation, which rewards coaches for post-season games and wins.

The final vote will be to increase annual bonuses by 10%.

If these votes pass, more than 1,100 employees will see an increase in their paychecks.

The superintendent said it's years of hard work and discussion that have made these proposals possible.

"We're just very appreciative of our finance department. This district has been very frugal and very solvent for many years and that we're able to do this for our employees," said Dr. William Cason, Valdosta City Schools Superintendent, "Again, this is all contingent on board approval."

School board members will vote during their meeting tonight at 7:00.

To pass, each proposal needs a majority vote.

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