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Crisp Co. citizens become storm spotters

The room was full (Source:WALB) The room was full (Source:WALB)
David Nadler, NWS (Source:WALB) David Nadler, NWS (Source:WALB)
Billy Hancock, Sheriff (Source:WALB) Billy Hancock, Sheriff (Source:WALB)

The damage caused by severe weather is something many throughout South Georgia have experienced firsthand. 

Crisp County has been named a Storm Ready Community. So, to keep that title, officials are keeping their citizens trained on storm spotting.

"You don't ever think about that, until this past January, when we all started thinking about what am I going to do in case of a storm," Sheriff Billy Hancock said. "How am I going to react and what will be next?"

Officials said only a small portion of Crisp County was affected by the January 22 tornado that left a path of destruction throughout the region.

But even that was sobering enough to fill seats at National Weather Service storm spotter training at the Sheriff's Office.  

"We go all around our forecast area and I know the other surrounding NWS offices that cover parts of Georgia do that same thing as well," NWS Meteorologist David Nadler said. 

Attendees across the state learn about different weather threats and how to report them. The NWS said it depends on a network of actual people to back up the data it produces. 

"Its invaluable to take that information from the field, sort of put it together with what we're looking at with radar or satellite at the office," Nadler said.

Invaluable information a classroom of volunteers can now use when the clouds turn dark in hopes of staying out of harms way and potentially saving lives.

Officials add that its always good to prepare for severe weather. So, you're ready when it hits.

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