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First large storm recovery bill due

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Dougherty County's first large storm disaster recovery payment is due and it's just shy of $5 million.

Thankfully, the county is in strong financial shape and has a "robust" rainy day fund.

Once the county commission okays writing the checks at next week's meeting, $4.9 million dollars will be transferred from the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund to the Special Services District Fund and then into a newly created Disaster Recovery Fund.

This Disaster Recovery account will help ensure that every penny is properly accounted for in case of an audit.

County leaders don't know just how much will have to paid out for storm recovery efforts, or just when the county will receive a reimbursement from FEMA. 

"I think once we get the projections, and get a feeling, we can see what our options are to handle those future costs," said Richard Crowdis, County Administrator.

There are only two vendors who will receive the money, Ceres and Tetra Tech.

Ceres, the company hired for the storm debris clean-up, has earned the bulk, about $4.2 million so far.

FEMA is expected to reimburse the county 85% of this amount.

The county is responsible for the remaining 15%.

Commissioners still have to figure out how to cover that amount.

It could be with a low-interest loan, a no-interest loan or a combination of both.

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