Crisp Co. sends two firefighters to help fight West Mims Fire

Crisp County firefighters help with massive wildfire

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - Two Crisp County firefighters headed to Southeast Georgia Sunday helping fight a massive wildfire.

Charlton County, Georgia is getting help from different departments across the state, including Crisp County, to fight the West Mims Fire.

Evacuations are underway in that county as the wildfire continues to spread.

For Crisp County, it's a chance to help out a neighbor.

Sunday brought a surprise trip to Charlton County for two Crisp County Firefighters.

"We're sending a truck and two men today," said Capt. John Hauesler with the Crisp County Fire Department.

Crisp County Emergency Management Agency Director Sheriff Billy Hancock got the call Sunday morning to send help to Saint George, where the West Mims Fire has forced nearly 80 people to leave their homes.

"The swamp has burned several times over the years, but the winds have pushed it out of the boundaries, so now they're having to evacuate some areas at this time," said Capt. Hauesler.

"What I'm expecting to run into is a lot of wild land fire," said Firefighter Dale Parker.

Firefighters Parker and Watson prepped their tanker truck Sunday afternoon for the trip.

"We'll probably be standing by their structures assisting them to protect structures," said Parker.

They'll be there for 48 hours working 12 hour shifts.

"You try to help out your fellow man, your neighbors, and all the guys are willing to fight fire. And they enjoy doing it. This is a job they enjoy doing," said Capt. Hauesler.

Once Firefighters Parker and Watson finish up their 48 hours, Crisp County will send two more firefighters to relieve them.

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