Mitchell County celebrates its homegrown NFL draftee

Mitchell County celebrates its homegrown NFL draftee

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - May 7th, 2017 took on the moniker of Grover Stewart Day in Camilla.

The Former Mitchell County Eagle is now a member of the Indianapolis Colts.

Sunday night the city celebrate him being drafted in the 4th round of the NFL draft.

Family, friends and fans gathered to sendoff the defensive tackle to his dream job.

There was free food, a live DJ and speeches from Stewart and those who impacted his journey.

As a small town kid from a Division II school, he didn't exactly have the NFL resume, but Stewart reminded his hometown that he's always had something that very tough to measure.

"I had the heart to do it; I always had the willpower to do it because I always wanted it," said Stewart. "Everybody asked me what you want to be when you grow up, I said an NFL player. Now look at me, my dream then came through."

His former defensive line coach at ASU believes Stewart's ceiling will be high at the next level.

"If he wants to go in and be a guy who is going to be in the league for 10 or 12 years, he can do that," said Bokowski Daniels. "If he's going to be a guy that can come in and be a pro bowler he can do that. But the sky is the limit."

Stewart leaves for Indianapolis Thursday.

He will report for Colts Rookie Minicamp Friday.