South GA baseball team remembers fallen soldier

South GA baseball team remembers fallen soldier
The team remembered Lee (Source:WALB)
Matt Dalrymple, headmaster (Source:WALB)
Matt Dalrymple, headmaster (Source:WALB)

DAMASCUS, GA (WALB) - South Georgians, whose lives were touched by an Army soldier killed in Iraq last week, paused to remember him Friday.

Southwest Georgia Academy Baseball players honored Weston Lee, a former student, before the start of their playoff game.

"He was just one of those kids. He had a lot of life, a lot of energy," Headmaster Matt Dalrymple said. "He was a good role model. All of the kids at our school, they remember the older kids and look up to them."

1st Lieutenant Weston Lee was killed in Iraq when an IED detonated during a patrol he was on last week.

Lee, a 2010 graduate of the Southwest Georgia Academy, who played baseball and other sports, also played a big part in helping kids at the school.

Current tenth graders worked with Lee when he was a senior, both in the weight room and at a bible study he led.

"He had that personality, that when you met him, you always remembered him because of his smile, his friendliness and his passion for life," Dalrymple said.   
That passion for life is something the team celebrated by painting his number on the field, saying a prayer and releasing balloons in his honor.
Balloons that will eventually drift away, leaving behind the memories and legacy of a  man who holds a special place in the hearts many.

Students are also lining the highway near their school with American flags to help remember Lee.

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