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Job market is hot for college grads, survey says

More employers say they will hire college graduates this year (Source: WALB) More employers say they will hire college graduates this year (Source: WALB)
Laneysha Fudge (Source: WALB) Laneysha Fudge (Source: WALB)
Adrianne Harris (Source: WALB) Adrianne Harris (Source: WALB)
Mark Butler (Source: WALB) Mark Butler (Source: WALB)

Soon-to-be college graduate Laneysha Fudge is on the hunt...the job hunt.

Fudge will graduate Saturday with a bachelor's degree in English from Albany State University. She's starting the application process to become a teacher next year. But she's not worried.

"It's all about whether or not we're putting the effort to actually get out there. Because it's not hard once you actually start. It's just a matter of patience," Fudge said.

And she has good reason to be optimistic.

A recent CareerBuilder survey found 74 percent of employers say they plan to hire college graduates this year. That's a big jump from last year's 67 percent. It's the highest since the recession. 

"All of them have options which I thought was great," said ASU writing consultant Adrianne Harris.

Harris spends a lot of time helping students prepare resumes and guiding them through the job search. She said she's seen the proof of an improving job market. Her students tell her there's more opportunities out there.

"I'm like, 'have you found anything?' 'Well, yeah I'm going to apply for this job, I'm going to apply for that job.' So that was good news to me that they actually have the options to say hey, I'm going to be applying for this," Harris said.

And there's good news for those looking to stay in state after graduation. Georgia's labor commissioner says the state is seeing strong job growth. The key is getting the word out.

"We're trying to do more outreach and let these college graduates know there's good jobs right here at home," said Mark Butler.

As the clock ticks down to graduation, Fudge is hopeful she'll be one of the fortunate ones to land a good local job.

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