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South GA Girl Scouts receive awards

The organization is recognizing scouts (Source:WALB) The organization is recognizing scouts (Source:WALB)
Macy Clark (left), Denise Ward (right) (Source:WALB) Macy Clark (left), Denise Ward (right) (Source:WALB)

South Georgia Girl Scouts are getting recognized for the work they do to help the community.

Macy Clark is one of the scouts who will be recognized with a Silver Medal Award. She worked on a project to help those with heart disease better understand the condition.

Other girls in the area are also being recognized.

Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia Communications Director Denise Ward said it's important to reward the good deeds done by those in the organization.

"We publicly show that we're proud of our accomplishments and achievements," Ward said. "They're on the right track to truly making a difference in the world, which is what girl scouts is all about."

Troops throughout the area will be honoring their scouts with official ceremonies over the weekend.

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