Albany woman waits 21 years for new kidney

Albany woman waits 21 years for new kidney
Chakeeta Jones (Source: WALB)
Chakeeta Jones (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A happy update,

After nearly two decades of waiting, an Albany woman is finally getting a kidney transplant.

But it hasn't been an easy journey for her.

You may remember, we met Chakeeta Jones back in 2015.

That's when she thought she was receiving a kidney.

But when she traveled to Atlanta to get the transplant, doctors told her it was too small.

Now, almost two years later and she has a match.

WALB News 10's Catherine Patterson sat down with her Thursday to talk about how she's remained strong throughout the process.

"It's been a rough road, but I thank God," she said. "I'm here, it's my time, and I'm ready for it."

And anyone who has met Chakeeta Jones knows she's definitely deserving.

"It's been 21 years.  A matter of fact, this April, it's been 21 years," said Chakeeta.

And in those 21 years, Chakeeta has lost close to 150 pounds, preparing her body to be strong enough for a new kidney.

She's spent countless hours on dialysis, three days a week.

In 2016, she thought she saw the light at the end of the tunnel: she had a donor.

Then she found out that kidney was too small.

But Chakeeta remained positive.

"The amazing thing about that is, God knew that I wanted a living donor," she said. "And that was from a deceased donor."

God heard her prayers.

And in one week from Thursday, Chakeeta will finally get her kidney.

This time, from an unidentified living donor who saw here story on WALB.

"I know nothing, nothing at all.  But she wants to give me a kidney, I do know that.  And I'm grateful! Very much so," she said.

Chakeeta said if there's one main takeaway from her 21 year struggle, it's this.

"Hope to not give up.  No matter what it seems like, get to know God.  Rely on him," she said.

Chakeeta encourages folks to educate themselves about organ donations.

She said there's nothing greater than to know you're giving someone like her a new life.

Her kidney transplant is scheduled for May 12th.

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