Bainbridge Public Safety focuses on officer retention

Bainbridge Public Safety focuses on officer retention

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - A shortage in staff has Bainbridge Public Safety Officer searching for solutions to retain more officers.

Department heads from Public Safety approached city council with several ideas last week at a Council Retreat.

The average time for officers is just a little over two years.

Assistant Director Frank Green approached the council with four different ideas to increase the longevity of their employees.

"With us I say it's double tough, because we're asking them not only to do the police work but fire as well," said Green.

Salary increases, More engineers in the fire department, take home vehicles for officers, and hiring based on anticipated loss are all ideas that were brought up during a city council retreat

"The longer they are doing the job, the better they are at their decision making and the better they serve their community. That's why retention is so important," said Green.

Currently, BPS officers make around $14.50 an hour.

Assistant Director Frank Green would like to see that salary increased to $16.50 an hour.

"We believe that with a higher salary they would be more discouraged to leave," said Green.

In the past few years Bainbridge Public Safety has seen several officers leave to take higher paying jobs that aren't always in law enforcement.
Green said that's resulted in a shorter list of staff available to respond to calls in the community."If I have an officer off, and an officer sick, and in training, then I fall short on my staffing,"

To keep these officers in the city limits, the department hopes to get approval to offer take home vehicles for any officers who live in Bainbridge.

Green said the department is spending a lot of money training officers.

In the past two years they have hired 12 officers and now they are seven officers short.

He is hoping they will find some solution to keep these officers in the Bainbridge community.

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