SGMC shows off new stroke therapy

SGMC shows off new stroke therapy

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Kickstart is a new device that helps walking recovery following a stroke, or spinal cord injury, and South Georgia Medical Center is the first in Georgia to offer the device.

Kickstart is only available at 25 hospitals in America, so far.

Kickstart features a brace that fits on your leg, and it works like an artificial tendon to assist proper leg advancement and helps you walk.

Patients have better improvement and can continue using it at home if necessary to promote continued recovery to walking. "It's light weight and less burdensome than other devices," said Natalya V. Bulaeva, MD, of SGMC. "Our goal is for users to graduate from Kickstart to become independent."

"The availability of this advanced technology in our facility is wonderful news," said Bulaeva.

This device literally gives patients a 'kickstart.' It's exotendon technology facilitates efficient, proper walking motions, making patients feel safer and maximizing therapy endurance.

With information from South Georgia Medical Center

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