East Albany residents voice concerns over lack of sidewalks

East Albany residents voice concerns over lack of sidewalks
Cornetta Williams (Source: WALB)
Cornetta Williams (Source: WALB)
Rena Bradley (Source: WALB)
Rena Bradley (Source: WALB)
City Commissioner Jon Howard (Source: WALB)
City Commissioner Jon Howard (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - East Albany residents voiced concerns on the lack of sidewalks in their neighborhoods.

City leaders want folks to know they are working to address the issue, but it will take time and money.

Commissioner Jon Howard said he is aware of the need for sidewalks in East Albany, and he explained it's his top priority to see sidewalks being built as early as next year.

Daily, cars speed pass pedestrians walking on East Broad Avenue, with no sidewalk.

People told us they feel it is dangerous with residents walking just inches from East Broad.

"This side is very busy with walking going to the store since Walmart is down the road," said resident Cornetta Williams.

Williams lives a few blocks from East Broad, and has two kids who attend Turner Elementary School.

"It will definitely benefit the children because it's children that also walk this road here pass my house going to the school," remarked Williams.

She said the school limit signs weren't slowing folks down.

There's a trail where folks have walked along East Broad to stay clear of traffic.

Rena Bradley stops by Pat's This & That Thrift Shop on East Broad.

She fears for the kids' lives.

"The cars and trucks go so fast very afraid for the children," said Bradley.

Just last year, a nine year old boy was killed, his sister and two other students were injured in September when a car struck them as they walked in a crosswalk near Turner Elementary.

"It was a tragic sad loss for a parent," said Williams.

So what's being done?

City commissioner Jon Howard said more than $2.5 million of the SPLOST 7 funds are dedicated to 20 miles of sidewalk across the city.

Broad and Clark Avenues are planned to receive 2 and a half miles of sidewalk construction.

"That will make Turner Elementary School where the kids go to school safe, and where the pedestrians walk it will also safe to walk on the northern end of East Broad Avenue," said Commissioner Howard.

Commissioner Howard explained the city also intends to put sidewalks on Mock Road, and this would include the intersection where the 9 year old boy was struck and killed.

Those sidewalks will go from East Oglethorpe to Clark Avenue.

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