Editorial: Move On When Ready

Editorial: Move On When Ready

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Last week, hundreds of college students received their diplomas from Albany Tech.

However, among those dressed in caps and gowns, were a handful of high school students. Six local high school students graduated with their associate's degrees too.

Those students will now continue their education at a four-year university. This is all thanks to the Move On When Ready Program. It allows high school students the opportunity to take college classes while still in high school.

Of course, that also means they'll have a jump start in life.

"This is the most important educational reform every proposed in Georgia. This gives high school students opportunity to get up to three or four years of college, while they'll in high school," said ATC President Dr. Anthony Parker.

We applaud this program that allows our children to get into the work place much faster, and contribute to a strong work force here in Southwest Georgia.

We encourage more parents to reach out to Albany Tech and learn about the Move On When Ready program, and help prepare their children for a bright future.

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