Thomasville Police respond to weekend car break ins

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville Police say they have received several reports of car break ins this weekend.

One of them was reported downtown during Rose Show.

More than 25,000 people came to Thomasville over the weekend for the 96th Annual Rose Show.

With an influx of people comes a higher risk of crime.

The Thomasville Police Department responded after several cars were broken into, one of which happened right downtown during the festival.

"Sometimes when people see things in plain view that encourages them to commit those crimes," said Major Eric Hampton, TPD.

Officers said you should always hide your personal belongings like phones, wallets, and other valuable items.

They said this is especially important when attending a big event.

"We encourage people if at all possible park in a well light area. We encourage them to also make sure their vehicle is secure," said Hampton.

On both Friday and Saturday people in Thomasville called police to report car break in's.

On Friday, a woman in the city limits said her iphone and purse were stolen from her car.

On Saturday, a woman told officers her purse was stolen downtown during rose show from her car as well.

Another break in was reported on South St.

"Anytime we have a crime that happens in a certain area of town we encourage people to call us. We can't do anything if we don't know about it," said Hampton.

Hampton said they always increase security during big events like rose show and Victorian Christmas. "Anytime we have a large crowd, we want to make sure our visitors are safe and of course the people who live here in Thomasville."

Several of the cars that reportedly broken into were unlocked according to reports.

There was one report where a window was broken using a brick.

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