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Thomasville PD holds annual inspection and review during Rose Show

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Officers from the Thomasville Police Department lined their patrol cars through broad street on Thursday for an annual inspection and review.

The event was the kickoff of the 96th annual Rose Show.

"Its a tradition that's been going on since I've been here," Police Chief Troy Rich.

Side by side, proud to wear the badge and proud to serve the Rose City.

Each Thomasville Police officer leaving their own legacy as part of a long time Rose Show tradition.

"Them and their uniforms and their vehicles are inspected. Its about pride," said Rich.

From Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, and Officers, each one reviewed in front of a community of people they serve everyday.

"We want to be able to open the police department up, we want them to meet the officers that they serve in the community and break down any barriers there might be," said Rich.

This year was special. This year the Thomasville Police Department changed things up a bit. 

They held the inspection before the children parade as a Rose Show kickoff event.

"It starts at a young age they have to build trust. They need to know that when they are in need of help they can call the police and the police will be there to help them," said Rich.

Clean cars, polished uniforms, and now ready for duty.

"It's a week of preparation, its officers taking pride in themselves, pride in their equipment," said Rich.

This review has been apart of the department tradition for more than 30 years now.

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