Lowndes Co. deputies get new body cameras

Lowndes Co. deputies get new body cameras

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - The Lowndes County Sheriff's Office is saying goodbye to dash cam cameras, replacing them with wider angled body cameras.

Sheriff Ashley Paulk says the new technology is more effienct and will save taxpayers money.

The cameras will offer more accurate and constant footage of any interaction a Sheriff's Deputy has with folks in the community.

"It's a cost benefit. We get a better benefit and service out of these new cameras," said Paulk.

The camera will turn on every time a deputy draws a weapon or turns on their sirens to respond to a call.

Sheriff Paulk said they could save up to $135,000 with the 115 cameras up front in operation costs by going into a lease agreement with these cameras.

Each time one breaks or is not working the company will replace it at no charge.

"I think its a win win for the tax payer and for us. Its a great product. In court there is no way anyone can edit it or cut it," said Paulk.

The video will now save to a cloud system, eliminating disks and other storage devices.

The cameras will also give the sheriff and captains of the department ability to look at a deputy's camera live as it's recording.

"If he's sitting in his office and hears we are in a 10-80 which is a chase he can actually pull the video up on his phone and watch as the car is going down the interstate, pretty neat!" said Paulk.

Paulk said the cameras will also make it easier for the DA's office to pull the footage in case they need it.

It's all done through an online cloud system.

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