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Root ball round up takes shape

Volunteers will help out (Source:WALB) Volunteers will help out (Source:WALB)
Sharon Subadan, City Manager (Source:WALB) Sharon Subadan, City Manager (Source:WALB)

Massive root balls exposed after the January storms are still an issue for many homeowners in Albany.

The City is now laying out its plan to help those people. 

A root ball round up will be conducted by volunteers. It will not be a city program, or use city equipment. 

The goal of the massive volunteer effort would be to move stumps to the public right-of-way for pick up.  

Officials say the city will partner with volunteers to organize the event.

"A lot of us are going to do this in our off time because this is not a city project," City Manager Sharon Subadan said. "We're not going to use city equipment or city paid staff. So, we'll be doing this to help our community from the storms."

Officials say they hope to have root balls cleaned up within the next 60 days.

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