Police urge community members to lock car doors

Police urge community members to lock car doors

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Police have a warning for community members- the next time you leave your car unattended make sure your doors are locked.

Vehicle break-ins and entering autos are on the rise in Valdosta.

However, officers said you can help prevent them from happening.

They said many times thieves get into vehicles by simply opening unlocked car doors and taking whatever they can.

Officers are urging folks to take all purses and electronics out of their vehicles when they leave or make sure they are hidden.

"Lock it in your trunk. Even when you're out and about lock it in your trunk or bring it in your house, but lock your car up," urged Lt. Adam Bembry with the Valdosta Police Department, "Leave the stuff unlocked and we've got thieves that'll do nothing but ride around all night checking doors."

Police also urge folks to take any weapons out of vehicles.

If you must leave a weapon in your car, officers said to make sure you have the serial numbers.

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