Editorial: When do school drug sweeps go too far?

Editorial: When do school drug sweeps go too far?

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - For more than 20 years, there have been drug searches, from time to time, at Worth County High School. There have been no public outcries about these searches as far as we know.

Until now.

A couple of weeks ago,  Sheriff Jeff Hobby staged a search of the high school. This, despite the fact that three weeks previous, the Sylvester Police Department conducted a sweep, which yielded NO DRUGS.

Sheriff Hobby's search turned up nothing either.

However, many parents have spoke out to us, saying they believe his search was controversial. That's because he didn't just bring in dogs to sniff lockers, he had his deputies do pat-downs on all the students.

Dozens of parents have now filed a formal complaint with the Sylvester Police Department. SPD tells us they have handed those complaints over to the GBI to investigate.

We asked Sheriff Hobby to do an on-camera interview, which he declined. However, he did speak to us over the phone... and when asked why he had the search done three weeks after SPD's, he said they didn't do an adequate job.

He told us he thinks there are drugs in the school, but said that he would not do any more drug sweeps.

We usually stand by our men and women in blue. However, we don't agree with how this drug search was conducted... and don't think our children should be patted down without transparency about what's happening and that it's going to be done.

We hope other law enforcement agencies pay attention to what happened here... so we don't have to see this happen again.

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