Editorial: Saluting APD's community outreach

Editorial: Saluting APD's community outreach

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Volunteers painted more than 100 window shutters last Saturday. Albany Police officers and community volunteers said are taking back the McIntosh Homes Community, one shutter at a time.

They wanted to do this because they learned that some gang members had come through and painted shutters yellow, as a claim on the territory.

But the residents are standing up, and washing away the yellow, and repainting the shutters black.

"Basically an opportunity for people in the community to get involved, come out and clean up a section of town that often feels neglected or forgotten," said neighborhood resource officer Travis Goodson.

Albany police officers said they are planning more community events for the upcoming months.

We salute the effort of the citizens, and the out-reach of APD.

We need to send the message that gang members do NOT control any parts of Albany.

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