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Open Arms holds game night, discusses Cleveland Facebook murder

The group meets weekly (Source:WALB) The group meets weekly (Source:WALB)
Youth discussed Steve Stephens (Source:WALB) Youth discussed Steve Stephens (Source:WALB)
Quentin Davis, Open Arms, Inc. (Source:WALB) Quentin Davis, Open Arms, Inc. (Source:WALB)

An Albany organization that assist homeless young people wants them to understand terrifying events that occurred this week.

Open Arms, Inc. decided to talk to kids about the Cleveland Facebook Murder during an evening of games and discussions.

It's a tragic topic, but Open Arms leaders believe they can teach young people an important lesson. 

"I think with that situation, being that it just happened this week, we try to teach them different things, not just to have fun, but we try to do educational things, too," outreach leader Quentin Davis said.

Almost unavoidable on social media, young people are reading about the events surrounding the Cleveland Facebook murder committed by Steve Stephens. 

"You never know what happened with his situation, and why he had the mindset that he did to go and kill those people," Davis said.

That's one reason outreach workers are teaching young people to be aware of their surroundings and, most important of all, to treat others with care.

"If you're out on the streets and you don't have somewhere to go, the fellowship with other people, that counts," Davis said. "That says a lot and does a lot to the person that's out there alone."

That's something those leading youth at Open Arms said is an aspect of their everyday life.

The group meets weekly to relax and play games at its Pine Avenue location. You can find out more on how to get involved at the group's Facebook page or website.

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