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Fairfield officer placed on leave after video captures him slapping citizen


"He was so mean, he slapped me. I was shocked,” said Christian Hines.

That is how Hines recounts the situation seen in a video a citizen posted on social media. It was taken around 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Citgo Gas Station in Fairfield.

In it, Fairfield Police Detective Gary Lavendar is seen slapping Hines.

Wednesday, no one with the city of Fairfield would speak on camera about the matter. But on the phone, Police Chief Nick Dyer says Hines came to the gas station after learning his two brothers were being arrested.

Hines wanted to take the car that his brothers had been in, but Dyer says it needed to remain at the scene as evidence. 

“I talked to the officer. And they were trying to search—trying to find something. They didn’t find anything. So I told him I didn’t want to talk.  And he told me, ‘Well, you can f-ing leave,’ and he raised his hand and up and he slapped me. It happened that fast,” Hines recalled.

Hines says he was arrested after that.

Wednesday, on the front steps of city hall, Fairfield Mayor Ed May, Jr. said he had placed Lavendar on leave without pay while the situation is investigated.

“These questions demand answers and I intend to get answers,” May told activists that had gathered in support of Lavendar.

Meanwhile, Hines says he wants answers, too.

“I want justice. I want him to understand that, naw, something has to be done about that.”

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