WALB remembers Dawson Mathis

WALB remembers Dawson Mathis

We salute Dawson Mathis.

A man who was one of the best-known people in South Georgia in the sixties and seventies, died this week.

Dawson Mathis, a native of Berrien County, was 76.

He became famous during his time as WALB's main news anchor during the second half of the 1960's.

In the era when we only had a few channels to watch, Dawson came into our living rooms, to convey the local news of the day, every evening at 6:00.

After half a dozen years, he decided that his passion lay in politics, so he ran for the U.S. Congress in November of 1970, and won.

He served 10 years in Washington, and had an unsuccessful U. S. Senate run in 1980.

From there, he became a lobbyist at the capital, and used his expertise in the law to act as a private advocate.

His body will be cremated, and there will be a memorial service for him in Nashville ( at time ) on Saturday, April 29th.

We salute our former colleague, and public servant, Dawson Mathis.

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