Mitchell Co. schools offer new programs for failing elementary schools

Mitchell Co. schools offer new programs for failing elementary schools

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - Nearly 85% percent of elementary students in Mitchell County have failing test scores.

That's according to the school's superintendent.

"We owe them more than that, they are our future," said Robert Adams, Superintendent

Troubling test scores, and failing College and Career Ready Performance Index scores mean changes are coming for two Mitchell County elementary schools.

"I think certainly the curriculum and making sure we are teaching the right thing is important but more importantly its about how you engage students in the classroom. We have to do things to get students to know learning is about them," said Adams.

School administrators are now going to offer a four week summer school, something they have never done before.

They also will have after school programs and Saturday school programs.

"Nobody has to start over, we are providing you a ladder all you have to do is climb. We tell our students please don't quit, give us everything you have. As long as you don't quit I will find a way for you to be successful," said Adams.

Some viewers asked about rumors of mass teacher firings within the Mitchell County School District.

Adams said that's simply not true. He is working with teachers to figure out the changes they can make to help these students in the classroom.

"This year we think we should ask teachers 'Do you want to be here?' You know what's required, its a lot of work, its gonna be hard. You know there is no easy answer its gonna take a lot of time." said Adams.

Adams said most teachers have already emailed or called him saying they are willing to do everything they can to improve education for these young students.

The school board has a binder with every elementary student's test score for the past several years.

The members are monitoring those scores closely with all the staff at these two elementary schools

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