City officials look to clean up abandoned homes around Bainbridge

City officials look to clean up abandoned homes around Bainbridge

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - The Bainbridge - Decatur County Marshal's Office is working to clean up dilapidated or abandoned houses around the city.

"These properties are unsafe and draw unwanted attention," said Keith Pollock, City Marshal's Office.

Green violation notices are now posted behind overgrown grass and caved in homes.

What some folks are calling an eyesore.

It's a common sight that the Bainbridge - Decatur County Marshal's office hopes they clean up around the city of Bainbridge.

"Abandoned homes that have fallen down, not repaired, the grass is overgrown around them where you can't even see the property. There is trash on them. Those type of properties is what we are looking at," said Pollock

Many of the homes have no owners, or the owners have moved away.

Code enforcement officers said these abandoned properties usually don't have a tax value and could affect neighboring property value.

"We've got some excitement from the neighbors in the community that are excited we are trying to do something to improve their surroundings in the neighborhood," said Pollock

The 33 homes are just some of the vacant properties within the city that have been flagged.

Code enforcement officers said if this project goes well they could look to continue the clean up in years to come.

"We've taken down in the past 10 years anywhere from 50 to 55, we don't have a set time line we are just trying to move forward and trying to get them cleaned up and taken down," said Pollock

The Marshal's Office is asking anyone who owns these properties to contact them. Getting the homes condemned requires a lengthy legal process, with about 12 steps.

They hope to have more properties removed within the next few months.

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