GSW seniors hope to end career on a sweet note

GSW seniors hope to end career on a sweet note

Excitement ring, even before the bats would swing.

This was not the typical Saturday doubleheader at Hurricane Stadium.

It was senior day, and families traveled from as far as Tampa to send their kids off the right way.

"It's a 5-hour drive," said Ken Kranick. "It usually takes about 4 hours and 50 minutes on average."

Ken Kranick, or as he's known in Americus, Alex Kranick's dad, has made the trip all season long and for good reason.

His son Alex has been a world-beater in his senior year.

Not only did he break the record for doubles in a season last spring, this year he also is riding the longest hit streak in program history at 30 after a pair this afternoon.

"They actually saw the one where I broke the record and it was a great game," said Alex. "They had a lot of fun there."

"They kept coming up and congratulating us like we did something," said Ken. "And we didn't do anything. But it was really neat. It was warm to have the support."

But for each athlete, the journey has been a process with highs and lows.

Relief pitcher Lawson Stewart knows this all too well. A labrum surgery forced him to sit out the majority of the past two seasons.

"I felt like I should be a pitcher and help the team a lot," Stewart said. "But I got hurt and it just made me work more to get back."

He's back this year. And has made 12 relief appearances for the Canes who are fighting to make the postseason for the first time in the seniors' careers.

"We got a lot of confidence going," said Stewart. "Hopefully we can get it done and make the tournament for my last year."

Just like the ceremony, that'd be a pretty nice bow on each player's career.
"There's obviously going to be a little sadness," Alex said of the ceremony. "But I think it's more sweet than bitter."

GSW would drop both games in the doubleheader vs. Armstrong State 16-6 and 7-3.

The Hurricanes return to action at Middle Georgia State on Tuesday.

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