Illegal Albany dump site still a problem

Illegal Albany dump site still a problem
Dumping has been an ongoing problem (Source:WALB)
Officials are concerned about health hazards (Source:WALB)
Officials are concerned about health hazards (Source:WALB)
Judy Bowles, Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful (Source:WALB)
Judy Bowles, Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful (Source:WALB)
Jon Howard, City Commissioner (Source:WALB)
Jon Howard, City Commissioner (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Illegal dumping is still a big, ongoing problem on one East Albany road, littered with trash.

Officials plan to close off Silica Drive, clean up the mess, and keep criminals from breaking in to unload more illegal debris.

"These TV sets have at least four pounds of lead and they also have mercury," Judy Bowles, Executive Director of Keep Albany-Dougherty Clean, said.

So, on that isolated street in East Albany, city officials are fighting filth.

"Tires, furniture, TVs, carcasses from animals. Not only is it unsightly, but it's a safety issue, it's a health issue," Bowles said.

Bowles adds Silica Drive is the number one trouble spot in the city where people illegally dump trash.

"The area is sort of isolated from the main street, but were hoping by putting a gate up and putting some berms of dirt there," City Commissioner Jon Howard said. "It would deter some from doing it again."

Fines, community service and even jail time aren't enough of a deterrent for some, which frustrates those trying to keep the area safe.

They add the Dougherty County Landfill is just a short distance away and free up to certain limits of garbage.

"Coming in and they see dumps like this, it gives them second thoughts," Howard said, referencing those knew to Albany. "Economically, it really hurts because they say we cannot keep a community clean."

That is a message officials don't want to send to businesses and people traveling through the area.

"How we look as a community is a reflection on everyone who lives here," Bowles said.

An image many want to be clean, safe and consistent.

Howard, along with other officials, will be out picking up trash on April, 22.

The effort is all part of a city and county clean up event called Stash the Trash.

Howard's group will meet near the intersection of Silica Drive and Cason Street around 9 a.m.

They're asking all those, who can, to come out and help.

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