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Congressman Bishop visits constituents during district work period

Constituents spoke with Bishop (Source:WALB) Constituents spoke with Bishop (Source:WALB)
Rep. Sanford Bishop, GA-2 (Source:WALB) Rep. Sanford Bishop, GA-2 (Source:WALB)

United States Congressman Sanford Bishop is using his time away from Washington to get a pulse on the issues of importance in his district.

Bishop spoke at a town hall in Donalsonville Thursday and plans to hold another in Columbus in May.

Bishop said he and other representatives are currently in district work periods, as Congress is in recess.

Bishop said he's using the time home to talk with constituents about any concerns they feel he should address in the form of federal policies.

"Zell Miller used to say that, whenever you see a turtle perched up on a fence post, you know one thing, he didn't get there by himself," Bishop said. "Somebody put him there. Those of us elected officials don't get there by ourselves. We are put there by the voters and by the citizens. It behooves us to listen to them." 

The Columbus town hall, where you can meet with Bishop, is scheduled for Tuesday May 9, at 5:30 in the Columbus Library Auditorium.

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