Eight goats killed on Cook Co. property

Eight goats killed on Cook Co. property

COOK CO., GA (WALB) - A Cook County woman is in shock after finding eight of her goats dead in her yard this week.

She believes they were attacked by stray dogs and now she's pushing for stronger animal control laws.

"We're still, that's why I am a little puffy eyed now. We've been upset about it still Tuesday. I don't even like going in the back yard now," said Sylvia Miley.

Only one goat still remains on the Miley family property today.

Miley said she came home from work on Tuesday to find her eight goats dead in the backyard.

One of the youngest goats was being bottle feed by Miley's 4 year old daughter. She said brutal attack and death of the goats was devastating.

"We walked closer to see where she was at, we saw her laying on the ground. She started grabbing her face and crying and hollering for sassy, it was really sad," said Miley.

Miley and other neighbors said they have seen more stray dogs around the neighborhood within the past few weeks, that brings on a huge safety concern for them.

"We're concerned that if dogs could do this to these animals what could they do to kids? We have a 4 year old," said Miley.
WALB spoke with workers at animal control, but they only service the city of Adel and not the county.

There is a ordinance on leash laws.

Miley said she just wants to make sure county leaders are aware of the stray problem and just hopes this doesn't happen again.

"I might not can make a change and get a law passed but it will be off me, I will know I did what I was supposed to do," said Miley.

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