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A cheering squad for Albany woman in fight for her life

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Paying it forward, that is what one Albany breast cancer survivor did Friday to support her friend battling stage four ovarian cancer.

Carolyn Lovett is truly in a fight for her life.

Friday, Albany Pink, founded by Albany Motorcars, rallied Lovett's friends and family in a surprise, where they gave her gifts and many well wishes.

Lovett said, "This is where I gain my strength. God has sent these wonderful ladies into my life. These are my prayer warriors. They keep me going day by day."

One of her prayer warriors is Barbara Glover.

Back in October, WALB was there when The Pink Heals fire truck, along with friends and family, saluted Glover, a breast cancer patient, at her Lee County home.

Glover said "You just cannot explain the excitement, the joy, the hope, the love that you feel from them coming over."

Janet Elliott, an Albany Motorcars employee and one of the Albany Pink organizers said, "I was talking to Miss Barbara, and she said that day changed her life."

"I said, I hope (Pink Heals) will come back. I would like to do that again. And she said, it doesn't matter what you drive. It's that you show up."

And, show up, they did.

Led by Albany Pink, friends filled up the Lovett's northwest Albany yard.

And, it came at the right time.

"I am going to the Mayo Clinic Monday to see if there is anything we can do. What do they call that? A Hail Mary? I am in serious trouble," said Lovett.

It's been a four year battle for Carolyn.

Friday's show of support has given her what she needs to face Monday.

"I am trying very hard not to be afraid. But, when you are in this situation, it is hard not to be afraid. But, God gives me the strength, day by day, to carry on," said Lovett.

Albany Pink wants to offer similar encouragement for others facing five different cancers common to women.

If you want to nominate someone for a visit, you can do so here.

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