Editorial: Albany 'Land Bank' is a good idea

Editorial: Albany 'Land Bank' is a good idea

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany has been active in limiting the spread of run-down and blighted buildings that have been left to decay. They are a haven for vagrants, who start fires in them, and many times do drugs there.

These derelict structures are a hazard, and an eyesore, and the fewer of them, the better.

That's why we support the "Land Bank" initiative that city and county leaders are considering.

The Land Bank board can identify properties that are basically abandoned, and then wipe out taxes and liens that may be a financial burden, and sell them to someone for development.

"The Land Bank will look strategically. The goal of the Land Bank is to not acquire property and hold on to it. The goal is to acquire property and transfer it to a new owner," said Paul Forgey, Albany Planning Director.
We encourage the county and the city commissions to approve the Land Bank plan.

A new building, or even a nice greenspace, is better than letting run-down buildings exist as a hazard to health and safety.

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