Colquitt Co. schools to offer online education to students

Colquitt Co. schools to offer online education to students

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - As technology becomes more prevalent in South Georgia classrooms, Colquitt County Schools are taking students education one step further.

"The chance to provide more options for kids is big for us and that's the way we see this," said Allen Edwards Director of 6-12 Gifted Education.

They are offering middle and high school students the option to take classes and even graduate from Colquitt County High School all on line. Parents got the news this week.

"My phone rang all day Friday and I've had messages and emails. There is real interest in this," said Edwards.

Edwards said Virtupack Learning Center meets a need in the community for a different method of learning. "We have a large and growing population of home school students in Moultrie and the state of Georgia for whatever reason hasn't really reached out to our home school students,"

Edwards hopes VLC will give students the option to participate in online school but still receive all of the benefits a normal student would."This is not limiting access to anything, this is not trying to push kids or teachers out of the classroom. This is giving students more options to reach their educational goals and participate in extracurricular activities if they want to."

School leaders also believe it will get students ready for their future, as many college classes are also offered online.

This fall, VLC will use part of the old high school for a computer lab.

Students will not be required to complete course work in the lab.

They can take classes anywhere they can get an Internet signal.

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