Thomasville man raising money for life-saving companion dog

Thomasville man raising money for life-saving companion dog

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A Thomasville man is raising money for a dog that could possibly save his life.

Zane Griffin has Type 1 Diabetes and is looking to get a diabetic alert dog.

Zeus is a Golden-doodle and his new job in just a few weeks will to become a full time companion for Griffin.

"One of the major reasons we want to have him in the house is for the night alerts," said Griffin.

Griffin was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 15.

"Yeah when you're 15 and you hear something like that, you're like well how does this change me. It's different for me. Yeah it was probably more discouraging I guess I should say," said Griffin.

Now at 40 years old, Griffin says it's become harder for him to detect his blood sugar levels throughout the day.

"My wife currently is like my eyes when I have a low or a high. If shes around she can pick up on the same things he can pick up on more or less," he explained.

As a diabetic alert dog, Zeus will pick up scents that Zane's body puts off when his blood sugar drops low or gets extremely high.

Although it's much needed, it can be very expensive.

"I'd say starting around $8-10,000, and then they can top out around $30,000. Depending on what company and what bread. Most of the money is in the training," said Griffin.

The Griffin family has set up a fundraiser with redbasket. So far they have raised almost $3,000.

Griffin says the community support is overwhelming.

"Just with social media now a days, there has been people sharing it who I can honestly say I have no idea who they are. Just a good-hearted person making a donation," said Griffin.

After that he will go up and train with Zeus before finally bringing him home.

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