Restaurants in Thomasville participate in 'Dining for Disaster Relief'

Restaurants in Thomasville participate in 'Dining for Disaster Relief'

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - People in Thomasville raised money for disaster relief at South Georgia restaurants on Thursday.

They are participated in the Dining for Disaster relief event.

"Given the recent storms that have come through our area it's important for us to take care of each other," said Ian Badger, General Manager of Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop.

20 restaurants in Thomasville came together to donate 10 percent of their sales to red cross for disaster relief.

"10 percent of a days sales is the little bit we can do and make our impact I don't see why we couldn't do it ever year," said Badger.

Last year, Red Cross volunteers responded to 24 disasters in Thomas County.
This year, the biggest disaster to hit Thomas County was back in January, more than 90 homes were destroyed when a tornado touched down.

"I actually had some of my staff who had personal relatives who lost their homes and things like that so we were affected both directly and indirectly by that," said Badger.

Badger says that coming together like this is great, it shows a strong community bond. "It's where we call home. Everyone looks out for each other around here. Its something you don't find in a lot of towns,"

Last year, the Red Cross disaster relief fund helped 39 families in Thomas County.

This includes comfortable place to stay, hot meals, safe drinking water, new clothing, and replacement of medicines and eyeglasses.

"It's nice to see downtown, especially the restaurants act in unison. Come together during those times, even though we are kind of competitors in the same market," said Badger.

Money raised today will also benefit the counties surrounding counties, who have seen disaster strike numerous times already this year.

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