Lowndes County EMA Director's vehicle stolen

Lowndes County EMA Director's vehicle stolen
Lowndes County EMA director Ashley Tye (Source: WALB)
Lowndes County EMA director Ashley Tye (Source: WALB)
Sheriff Paulk (Source: WALB)
Sheriff Paulk (Source: WALB)

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - "There's always somebody out their looking to steal something, so you've got to make sure you're not the one," Tye.

After a night of monitoring storms, Thursday morning the Lowndes County EMA director woke up to an unpleasant surprise.

"I had a set of keys to my personal truck in the vehicle," recalled Ashley Tye, EMA Director, "Which should be a lesson to people, lock all your vehicles."

Wednesday night Tye parked his work and personal vehicle in front of his home, but when he woke up...

"The driveway where I normally parked my personal truck was empty," recalled Tye.

Sometime during the evening, someone got into Tye's unlocked government vehicle, which is where they found the car keys to his personal truck.

Nothing was reported stolen out of the County vehicle.

However, Tye had 2 guns in his personal truck that were taken with the truck.

"Everything can be replaced, but I would really feel terrible if they use those weapons to do something that could cause somebody harm," Tye said.

According to the Lowndes County Sheriff, the department has seen an increase in vehicle entries.

"Just finding unlocked vehicles and entering vehicles," explained Sheriff Paulk, "We've had a lot of that in the last 60 days."

Sheriff Paulk said leaving vehicles unlocked just provides criminals with the opportunity to quickly snatch your belongings.

"They're taking cell phones, weapons, anything that they can turn into a little bit of cash," explained Sheriff Paulk.

Paulk urges community members to check twice, and make sure vehicles are always locked.

"Lock your vehicles, don't leave valuables in there, don't leave valuables in plain sight," Paulk.

According to the sheriff, deputies have arrested a few juveniles for entering vehicles.

They are still looking to make more arrests.

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