Southwest Georgians make their way to Augusta National

Southwest Georgians make their way to Augusta National
Southwest Georgia residents made it to Augusta for the Masters. (Source: WALB)
Barry Justice (Source: WALB)
Barry Justice (Source: WALB)
Rainey Owen (Source: WALB)
Rainey Owen (Source: WALB)

AUGUSTA, GA (WALB) - South Georgians have traveled to Augusta to watch golf's greatest prepare for the Masters.

Among the crowd at Augusta National Golf Club, Southwest Georgians are out watching some of the sport's greatest players in action.

"And getting to see how much of an improvement this course is. This is the Mecca of golf. This is golf heaven, and we just love it," said Leesburg native Barry Justice.

Justice said that he's been to the Masters a number of times, and that coming back has become part of a tradition.

And, as the severe weather warning sirens and dark clouds rolled in, he was reminded that it is a tradition that offers something new every year.

"With the rain, wind, its always fascinating to me how they can overcome certain obstacles on the course," said Justice.

Joining Justice was his friend Rainey Owen from Albany. He started making the trip to the tournament in the '90s.

Owen said each time he comes back, the course offers him something new, like a glimpse of parts of the course he's never seen.

"You see a spot that you haven't walked through every time," Owen said. "I just want to get out here and walk and see a little bit more today."

And, that's exactly what the pair did as they made the surreal jaunt from hole to hole.

"Every golfers dream is to come to Augusta and see the Masters and see just how well it's kept, and the people and the organization and how they do everything," explained Justice. "It's just unbelievable how beautiful this place is."

And, if they're lucky enough to get their hands on badges, it's a sight they will continue to be drawn to year-after-year.

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